money cake

How to make a money cake

Making a money cake is a fun and creative way to surprise a loved one on their special day. It is a unique way to give a gift that will be appreciated and remembered. Money cakes are a great way to show someone how much you care. With a few simple steps and some creativity, you can make a money cake that will be the talk of the party.

Exchange the amount you are going to give at the bank for a bundle of new money bills of the same denomination. All in all, you will need 100 to 150 banknotes to make the cake. Based on the budget of the project, determine how many tiers the future product will have.

The basis of this confectionary-money product are low cardboard cylinders, the shape similar to the hat of the same name. These cylinders have the same height, but different diameters and they are attached one to another in descending order.

Butterflies to complement the money dessert

A great alternative to curling money would be butterflies made from bills. Since the money will have to be folded, it is better to choose smaller denomination bills or choose mock papers, and put the real ones inside the cake.

The process of making the cake is no different from the usual paper cake. Instead of cardboard, you can take ready-made round or square boxes, depending on the desired masterpiece. The main thing here is to learn how to make butterflies, otherwise everything is similar.

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To perform the “expensive insect” is necessary:

  1. The bill is folded in an accordion, the edges straighten, giving the shape of wings.
  2. The second bill takes the form of a triangle with a blunt nose, then folded into an accordion.
  3. Both parts are connected to each other, using colored wire. It is also made small antennae.

Butterflies can be evenly distributed throughout the outline of each cake or elegantly decorate one of the sides.

Making the bottom tier of the frame

1. To make the bottom cylinder, draw a circle on cardboard with a diameter of 30 cm and inside the circle mark a concentric circle with a radius of 12.5 cm. Carefully cut out the large circle with scissors.

2. Measure the height of the bill. On the cardboard, mark the pattern of the side of the cylinder – a rectangle with a length of 80 cm and a width equal to the height of the banknote. Add 1.5 cm wide strips to both long sides of the pattern – this will be allowance for “seams”.

3. Cut out the billet side, on the bands – allowances cut triangular prongs with which the cardboard ring will be attached to the circle-base, and bend them at right angles to the board.

4. Glue the rim to the base of the cake, placing its lower end (teeth inside) along the previously planned circle with a diameter of 25 cm.

5. Glue the side edges of the cardboard strip overlapping, thereby closing the vertical rim in a ring

The cake of the money with their own hands – step by step master class for the wedding

Stop giving wedding favors. Give the gift of money! And how to present them cool, see below.

Let’s prepare the necessary items:

  • money;
  • Sticks/tubes;
  • thin, invisible rubber bands;
  • glue gun;
  • blue paper;
  • white narrow ribbon;
  • blue wide ribbon;
  • gift bow;
  • The workpiece for the tiers of the future cake (cardboard).

Process step by step:

  1. Wrap the stick with a bill, fix it with an elastic band.
  2. Turn into tubes the rest of the banknotes.
  3. We prepare the tiers. In the center of the circle glue a rectangular billet.
  4. We get three levels of different diameters.
  5. On top of each tier we put another round blank with a side of white.
  6. The edges of the wrap with blue paper.
  7. Attach the paper tape with hot glue.
  8. Put all the tiers together.
  9. Arrange the money rolls.
  10. Tie it up with ribbon.
  11. We decorate the top of each tier with a circle of blue paper, which we fix with glue.
  12. Then we glue the prepared tiers together. (4:55)
  13. Wrap each money row with a wide blue ribbon.
  14. And on top of the decorative.
  15. The coloring of the decorations can be anything. Decorate the top of the cake with a lush bow.

Attaching the bills to the bottom tier

1. Take one bill, roll it up into a neat but not tight tube 2.5 cm in diameter

2. Place the money tube against the rim so that the outer tip of the bill rests against the cylinder and “looks” to the left.

3. Use a paper clip to attach the top of the tube to the top of the rim.

4. Fold the next bill in the same way, put it on the cardboard cylinder to the left of the already attached money tube (close to it) and also attach it to the board with a paper clip.

5. Continuing the work in the same order, moving to the left in a circle, fill the entire bottom base with money tubes.

6. Put the finished bottom layer of the cake aside for a while and make the second tier.

How to make a birthday cake with your own hands step by step

A simple making technique with a minimal set of elements. It turns out an unusual cute cake.

We will need:

  • banknotes;
  • a large gift bow;
  • three cardboard circles of different diameters;
  • scissors, paper clips, paper glue;
  • a pencil;
  • several sheets of plain A4 paper.


  1. Place the banknote against the sheet of paper, leaving a couple of centimeters from the edge. Draw the borders of the banknote along the A4.
  2. Then along the edges of the drawn tape mark 4 triangles on each side.
  3. The figure is cut out. Bend the corners.
  4. Make a few of these ribbons.
  5. Then connect them to each other in a circle, with glue.
  6. The size of the ring adjusted to the diameter of the lower tier of cardboard.
  7. The paper circle should be smaller in order to leave free edges all around, about 3 cm.
  8. Now around the circle attach the money. Each bill is rolled into a tube and fixed to a paper ring with a paper clip.
  9. Do the same with the remaining banknotes, until the circle is filled.
  10. Repeat the procedure with the other two tiers.
  11. Connect the money floors, stapling each other with corners, which we dab with glue.
  12. The top is decorated with a bow. A wonderful cake is ready.
money cake

Making the second tier of the cake

The second tier of the cake make the first model, just circle-base for it cut a diameter of 25 cm inside the circle mark a concentric circle with a radius of 10 cm, and the length of the strip for the rim make 66 cm.

Attention! Cutting out the piece rim, do not forget to leave a strip of allowance for gluing!

Similar to the bottom tier, fill the second layer of the cake with banknote tubes. Making the third tier of the cake.

Make the third layer of the cake in the same way as the previous two.

The details for its manufacture: a circle with a diameter of 20 cm with an inner circle with a radius of 7.5 cm and a strip length of 50 cm.

To assemble the product

1. Teeth on the top end of the edge of the first tier bend inward and carefully smear their upper surface with glue.

2. Place the base of the second tier on top of the first tier of the cake, check its alignment and very carefully press the circle against the adhesive-lubricated teeth.

3. When the glue has set well, attach the top layer to the cake in a similar manner.

4. Cover the last tier of the cake with a “cover” – a cardboard circle 15 cm in diameter , gluing it the same way.

That is all! The extraordinary gift is completely ready, and all you have to do is to give it to its destination.