Why were desserts first eaten

Desserts are a favorite treat for many people. Some people like it cold, others prefer it hot. We divide all desserts into sweet and savory, simple and complex, cold and hot. And there is a gradation and what the main ingredient used in the composition: nuts, dairy products, fruits and more.

The history of desserts

Now to make a delicious dessert is not difficult. For example, mix fruit and ice cream in a blender and get a delicious smoothie. But in any case, by the word “dessert” most people mean a delicious cake, cake, ice cream. In fact, it’s a little different.


Tea, coffee

The name “dessert” indicates that the dish is served hot or cold. For example, many pastries are refrigerated before serving, while others remain hot. An example of the most basic dessert is called tea. In Russia, it is commonly served with jam, candy, in the Middle East, in Japan – it is an independent dish. Coffee is also considered a dessert.


Chocolate is a component of many modern desserts. What will be interesting is that the Aztecs were the first to invent a dish with ni. “Xocolatl” is an ancient chocolate dessert, translated as “hot liquid.” The Aztecs served it cold, adding pepper. The first cocoa beans were brought to Europe by Hernando Cortés, a native of Spain.

Ice Cream

The first ice cream appeared in what is now Turkey 4,000 years ago. The ancient Greeks perfected the technology by adding local berries and honey. There are several legends about the appearance of ice cream in Europe. One says that the recipe was brought by the famous traveler Marco Polo from the Celestial Empire, and another says that the recipe was invented by the cook of Charles the First, King of England.

Marshmallow and marshmallow

There is no single version of the appearance of these desserts. One says that these sweets first appeared in France: the king’s cook simply happened to add apple puree to the whipped whites. According to another version, the homeland of the marshmallow is thought to be Russia. This sounds plausible, because it is the Antonovka apples, which grow in the country, are considered the best to counter the classic marshmallow.


This is, perhaps, a treat that no one can resist. There are several versions of the origin of this dessert. One of them says that cakes were first invented by the inhabitants of ancient Greece. It was on its territory were found walls decorated with drawings resembling this sweet. Other historians tend to believe that the first cakes were invented in the East. It was there that the first learned to prepare fragrant sweets from nuts, milk and honey, which resembled classic cakes in form.

Interesting facts

There are some interesting facts about desserts:

  • Mentions of the first real desserts, or at least close to them in composition, appeared about 4,000 years ago. However, historians have found that in the days of primitive tribes, there was also an interesting tradition associated with them. When a hunter returned with the prey, he was given as a reward-dessert eye of the animal he had killed.
  • The first dessert known to mankind was a sweet consisting of sesame seeds and honey. This became known after the excavation of the tomb of an ancient pharaoh in Egypt – they found just such a delicacy.
  • The ancient peoples, for example, the Aztecs and Maya, preferred mostly cold desserts. The most famous treat they had was ice watered with honey.
  • Now there are millions of desserts. Some of them are quite possible to perform at home, looking at the recipe on a proven culinary website.