cut a cake

How to cut a cake

Regardless of how you decide to cut the cake, one very important rule is to use only a sharp kitchen knife (a fish knife or chef’s knife is fine). Beforehand, you should dip it in boiling water or hold it over the fire for a few seconds, this will allow you to get a better and neater cut. So, if you need to cut the cake into many equal pieces, you can do it in the following ways:

  1. Wedges. This is probably one of the most popular methods. Find the center of the cake, stick the tip of the knife into the cake and gradually move towards the edges. A wire cutter, which allows you to cut the pastry very neatly, will make the task much easier;
  2. In diamonds. Few people know how to beautifully slice a cake into rhombuses so that the slices are as equal in size as possible. To do this, you must first divide the dessert into horizontal strips, then pass the knife on the diagonal of the confectionery.

But what to do if the cake consists of several tiers? In such a case, it is recommended to cut the dessert in a certain sequence, so as not to destroy the entire construction. It is better to remove the first tier beforehand, and start cutting the cake itself from the second top tier, gradually moving down.

How to slice a round cake

A properly sliced cake is not only good from an aesthetic point of view. A confection divided into equal slices will stay fresh longer, the cakes will not dry out, and the cream will not get stale. There are two basic ways to beautifully slice a round cake so that it retains its original flavor even after several days.


A confection with minimal decorations is conveniently sliced this way. To do this, take a small round bowl, place the dish upside down on the cake so that a circle is imprinted on the center of the top. Then do the same with the remaining middle, and if suddenly there is not enough room to maneuver, cut it into quarters.

cut a cake

The “mathematical” method

A certain Francis Galton in 1906 figured out how to properly slice a cake in terms of mathematics. According to him, this is the method that brings “maximum gastronomic pleasure” due to the fact that the confectionery will not dry out on the slices, so it will remain soft and juicy.

First, you need to cut and remove a strip from the middle of the cake (it can be divided into parts if the diameter of the dessert is too large). Then you need to combine the remaining two segments and cut the strip out of the middle again. As a result, you will be left with quarters that are separated radially. They just need to be aligned with each other to hold the pastry together.

How to slice a square cake

Square or rectangular shaped cakes are gaining in popularity today. Not only do they look amazing, but they also have one very important advantage – they are quite easy to divide into equal portions. There are two ways to cut a cake:

  1. Squares. To do this, make two or three long longitudinal cuts (depending on the size of the dessert) at equal intervals, and then cut the cake across several times, dividing the long sides into equal parts;
  2. Triangles. Cut the cake into rectangular pieces as described above. Remember that there should be twice as many as the guests. Then simply cut each rectangle diagonally and serve the dessert to the table.

Calculate the weight of the cake at the rate of 100-150 grams per guest. If you intend to decorate with mastic, do not forget that it is very heavy, so here it is better to cut the product into pieces weighing at least 200 grams.

How to cut an unusual shape cake

The confectionary world is always improving, every year there are new fashion trends that amaze and surprise fans of sweets. And if previously a square cake was the limit of dreams, today you can find confectionery products of absolutely inconceivable forms, made in the form of:

  • oval;
  • flower;
  • heart;
  • hexagon.

In order to divide the confection into equal parts, it is best to use diagrams that show the scheme of cutting the dessert. For example, oval and heart-shaped cakes are best cut into strips of the right size, then divide them into rectangles. If we are talking about confectionery made in the form of a flower and a hexagon, it is more convenient to cut them by the method “daisy”, about which we spoke earlier. The central part can be divided into 4, 6 and 8 parts, all depending on the size of the cake itself.