freeze wedding cake

How to freeze wedding cake

Freeze wedding cake is a great way to preserve it so you can enjoy it even after the wedding day has passed. It allows you to enjoy a slice of your special day whenever you choose, and it also helps to save money by preventing food waste. Freezing wedding cake is relatively simple, and with the right approach, you can ensure that the flavor and texture of your cake remain intact.

Seeing the genuine interest in the eyes of my listeners, I decided that you will like this information, too. After all, at least once in our lives, we all wondered whether we need to freeze the cake to keep it until tomorrow, and whether there are any ways to prevent it from drying out.

What kind of cakes are my tips for?

Everything we’ll talk about next works equally well with cakes and pastries of any kind: layered, shortbread, sponge, is good for pies with fillings, for bread and even cupcakes. However, there are subtleties in storing cakes with cream and frosting, or not yet finished baking. There are also nuances for already-cut cakes.

Uncut cupcake without frosting

Wrap the cupcake or biscuit tightly in cling film. The cling film should contact the surface of the cake, not just envelop it. Wrapped in clingfilm, put the cake in a plastic bag and close it as hermetically as possible. In this way it can safely lie in a cool room for about a week. Cakes made with vegetable oil tend to keep a couple of days longer than those made with butter.

Where to store uncut cake in frosting

The icing that covers the finished cake actually acts like a plastic film, protecting the cakes from the air and moisture in the environment. The frosted cake (without cream, of course) can be stored at room temperature for four to five days. Cover it with a special cake lid or inverted bowl to protect it from dust. Plastic wrap is not necessary, for it will damage the beautiful topping.

Cut the cake

Once you have cut the first piece from the whole cake, the moisture will begin to evaporate quickly, because a cut cake always dries faster. If you can, cover the cut area with a thick layer of frosting – it will protect the cake from losing moisture. Otherwise, put a piece of clingfilm directly on the cut and make sure it sticks properly. After that, such a cake can be covered and stored as in the uncut version. However, remember that despite all the tricks, the cut cake (cake, cupcake) at room temperature will lose its freshness after three to four days.

freeze wedding cake

Should you freeze cakes?

Most cut and uncut cakes, with and without frosting, will survive comfortably at room temperature for several days. However, a cake with cream, fresh fruit or whipped cream is best placed in the refrigerator. Do not forget to put them in a plastic container or in a tightly closed glass container, so as not to allow the cake to absorb foreign odors.

If you need to keep the cake fresh for longer than a week, try freezing it.

How to frost a cake properly

It’s not hard at all. Simply wrap the completely cooled cake with a double layer of clingfilm and a layer of foil on top. And put it in the freezer. The only trick is to remember to take the cake out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator the day before the day you intend to serve it. It is very important to thaw the pie slowly so that the moisture is absorbed evenly.