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How to make custom design cakes

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The Internet is full of success stories of girls entrepreneurs who built a simple and truly “sweet” business – they started baking cakes to order. When you look at their masterpieces of culinary art, it seems that magic was involved – well, human hands cannot create such beauty! But if you ask these ladies how they achieved success, it is clear that patience and work will lead to success. Don’t you want to try your hand at such a “tasty” business? We tell you how to learn how to bake cakes to order at home, what tools and equipment you will need, how to decorate your desserts.

Is it worth a try?

Many girls, seeing complex recipes of 20-30 ingredients, in a panic begin to think that this is not for them. But the experience of pastry chefs shows that everything comes with practice: even if you can only cook eggs, and then they burn, it is not a reason to give up. Remember, you can learn anything if you want to.

Want a convincing argument? Imagine what would happen in the worst case scenario if you did try to learn how to make cakes at home to order. The worst part is that you won’t become a great pastry chef, but you’ll still have a valuable baggage of knowledge, and using it, you’ll be able to delight your family with delicious baked goods.

Where to start?

And this important question we decided to break down into several sub-paragraphs, because the whole way depends on how you make the first step.

Make an honest assessment of your culinary abilities

Think about how advanced your culinary talents are at the moment. If you don’t cook at all, rarely go near the stove, your best bet for learning how to cook cakes to order is to go to basic, specialized cooking classes. Today you can take them even online, from the comfort of your home, under the keen guidance of an experienced mentor making your first cake.

If you cook well, sometimes bake cakes, have already tried your hand at pastry making, then your choice is high-level master classes from pros. Most likely, you already have basic skills, but you don’t know how to “assemble” a cake, decorate it, “finish it off,” as they say.

Don’t grasp the hard stuff

If you are just starting your way in the confectionary art, do not immediately take up the preparation of a dessert with 3 kinds of cream, complex decoration and consisting of 4 tiers. Practice on ready-made biscuit cakes from the store: make creams, decorate your cakes.

After 4-5 tries, try to find a simple recipe and make the cake yourself from scratch. Don’t experiment at this stage, you don’t have much experience, and an unsuccessful result will kill the motivation.

Start with cupcakes and cakes

Many pastry chefs advise not grabbing complex desserts right away, but start with simple flour-based baked goods – baking cupcakes and pies. While you make them, learn to work with the dough, “feel” the proportions of products, and combine them correctly.

Then move on to cakes. The most in demand with clients are pastries:

  • mousse cakes;
  • “Napoleon”;
  • meringue;
  • jelly cakes;
  • biscuits.

Take at least a couple of offline tutorials

You’ll have a much easier time figuring out how to learn how to bake custom cakes if you have an experienced mentor. And preferably, have one nearby, not in the online space. That way the pastry chef can follow what and how you do, correct mistakes, and share his secrets of success.

What tools and equipment will be needed

The arsenal of experienced pastry chefs is huge, but while you’re just starting out, you can limit yourself to the essentials:

  • A serviceable oven, an electric oven is usually best, but you can use a gas oven, too. The main thing – your oven should give even heating, otherwise good cakes will not turn out.
  • Multicooker – it makes a perfect fluffy, non-falling biscuit.
  • Mixer for whipping cream – the more power, the better. A stationary one is ideal, but you can try to cope with an ordinary one at first.
  • Various forms for baking, more often confectioners use metal split forms with non-stick coating.
  • Whisk for whipping.
  • Various sized bowls, including one rather large one for kneading dough.
  • A pastry bag with a variety of nozzles – to help create original decorations on the finished product.
  • Silicone spatulas of different shapes for smoothing the surface smeared with cream.
  • Rolling pin, mat, other tools for working with dough.
custom design cake

How do you learn to decorate cakes?

Perhaps this stage is the most difficult. Almost everyone can bake cakes and spread cream on them, but only a few can create a culinary masterpiece. How do you learn to decorate cakes? We recommend using:

  • Pre-made sugar figures – they were used by our mothers in the preparation of homemade cakes.
  • Confectionery sprinkles – gold and silver balls of different sizes look very stylish. But also popular are stars, “beads” and other small figures.
  • Printing on a waffle or sugar sheet is as simple as possible, but very effective decoration. Today in almost every city firms opened, where you can order printing any image on an edible basis.
  • Openwork figures made of chocolate – they are made independently with the help of melted chocolate and a pastry bag, or even a regular bag with a small hole. But you can also buy ready-made chocolate figures.

How to find customers?

So, you already know how to learn how to make cakes to order, and have achieved success in this difficult but so delicious business. What’s next?

And then you need to monetize your hobby, to find the first customers. It is better to immediately make a group, a page in a social network to collect there feedback and photos of finished products. And then begin to promote your art to the masses. For starters, offer a free cake for the celebration to relatives, girlfriends. Successful in getting them interested? Offer to make a dessert to order at cost – you can even just write a list of ingredients for a person to buy them.

Were the first customers happy? Ask them to write reviews, recommend you to their friends and family: word of mouth is the best advertising.

We hope that our simple instruction on how to learn how to bake cakes from scratch to order at home will help you find yourself in the “sweet” business and master the profession of your dreams. But even if the business is not your thing, do not get upset: you will learn how to make culinary masterpieces for the dearest and closest people.